2020 Upcoming Classes


Social Distancing Sale!

Learn the Enneagram from the comfort of your home! Thanks to Zoom, Emily is able to share her Powerpoint slides over the screen and teach you just like in a regular session (but now at a reduced price!)

1. Sign up for an appointment below.

2. Emily will email you the Zoom link as well as handouts she will use during the teaching. 

Why you should learn the Enneagram:


Focus On...Enneagram 9s

Taking the time to observe and then share in a group how your motivations impact your behavior is the key to transformation.


Together, we will look at an Enneagram 9s:

-focus of attention      -blind spots

-how to further personal development

-how a 9 withdraws to keep their peace

-levels of health


Individual Teaching Sessions

Don't have time for a six week class? Then my Individual Teaching Sessions are perfect for you! We can adjust the teaching to your schedule and life situation.


Gift Certificate

What is the perfect gift that is sure to last a lifetime? 

Learning about yourself! 

Contact Emily about buying a gift certificate for a class. Not only will your loved one enjoy six weeks of learning but your relationship with them will be improved as well!