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Coaching with Emily about Enneagram and parenting in Atlanta, GA

Enneagram Classes

Individual Teaching

Individual Teaching

I teach a six session Introduction to the Enneagram class every quarter. Scroll down for flyers of my upcoming classes!

Coaching with Emily about Enneagram and parenting in Atlanta, GA

Individual Teaching

Individual Teaching

Individual Teaching

I would love to help guide you on a journey to better understanding yourself through Individual Teaching Sessions.

Coaching with Emily about Enneagram and parenting in Atlanta, GA

Mom's Groups

Individual Teaching

Mom's Groups

Motherhood is tough! I speak to mom's groups on the truth about the challenges of motherhood with humor, warmth and compassion.

About Me


I LOVE the Enneagram!

Learning about the Enneagram has changed my life and I am passionate to share my knowledge with you! I am Enneagram 9 and since learning the virtues, vices and words that describe my motivations and behaviors I have been able to make dramatic changes to my life. I want to help you experience these changes as well!

I am the mom of two sweet and rambunctious boys, ages 10 and 7. Motherhood has broken me in more ways than I could have ever imagined but I know I am a better person because of it.  I would love to offer guidance and encouragement to you if you find motherhood challenging. I am passionate about guiding people toward compassion for themselves and for others. 


Trainings I have attended

  • Enneagram Intensive, Part I, The Narrative Enneagram (3 days)
  • Enneagram Applications Certification Program (8 days)
  • Boot Camp II -- Suzanne Stabile (4 days)
  • The Sacred Enneagram -- Chris Heuertz (1 day)
  • Enneagram and Spiritual Practices, Narrative Tradition (2 days)
  • Know Your Number -- Suzanne Stabile (2 days)

Watch to see how Enneagram With Emily came to be!

I listen, I care, You learn, We share

Comments from Previous Students

Emily, I LOVE THIS CLASS! Thank you for all you bring, talk about and challenge and encourage us with. You are doing an amazing job and I am so grateful.  --Kimberly


Outstanding class and these notes are over and beyond.  I believe you have found your calling.  This is going to have a great impact on people's lives. I am grateful.   -- Leslie

I want you to know how much I am enjoying the class and that you are a wonderful teacher.  I am learning so much about myself and others I am close to.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.  -- Sally

 I’ve been blathering about the Enneagram to everyone I know!! Thanks again for introducing me to it!!  --Kim 

 I have learned so much from your classes. You have given me a great foundation to further explore the Enneagram.  -- Barbara

I'm so appreciative of you and what kind of transparency you have brought in the life of being a mom.  -- Liz

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